Payment Cards

Catalyst is a payment card manufacturer that utilizes the latest technology to design, create, and print payment cards. We’ve made substantial capital investments in both manufacturing plants, creating world-class facilities. We’ve implemented our patent-pending front end color matching system and state of the art printing technology. These investments coupled with our upgraded milling/embedding equipment have created two very unique technology driven production plants. Given our state of the art facilities and “Just-in-Time” production mentality, C3 can manufacture our products in less than 2 weeks from proof approval, allowing you to minimize on hand inventory levels and react to market conditions quickly. Below is a list of the products and services C3 provides to the payment card industry:


    • Mag-Stripe cards
    • EMV cards
        • Contact
        • Dual interface
    • Gilded Edge cards
    • Composite-metal cards
    • Silk Screen cards
    • Foil printed cards
    • Instant Issue card stock
    • Dynamic CVV