Instant Issue Cards

Many institutions have implemented instant issue programs to provide better customer service to new and existing customers. We have found that getting the equipment installed and functioning is only half of the challenge. Having card stock at each printer location when you want to issue cards is another challenge.

Our goal is consistently deliver payment cards faster than anyone in the industry. This allows you to minimize inventory requirements, order smaller quantities and operate in more of a Just-In-Time environment. Catalyst has the same approach for both mag-stripe and EMV cards. All of the payment cards that we manufacture utilize the highest quality materials printed with high-resolution graphics and dazzling colors.

Here’s how we do it:

    • First we determine which software/hardware provider you are working with.
    • Determine which EMV chip you will be using with your instant issue program.
    • We will send you sample cards with the selected Chip for you to test with the instant issue software/hardware.
    • Once successful testing has been completed you can order card stock.
    • Determine an action plan for your project
        • Traditional mag-stripe, blank or pre-printed stock
        • EMV Card
            • Complete chip profile
        • Complete an instant issue profile
        • Send proof to the card brand (Visa or MC) for approval
        • Manufacture and ship card stock

Since we manufacture in small quantities, we can ship directly to your branch locations, you don’t have to use blank stock, unless you want to. We can print and ship directly to the branch. If your program is setup to use blank stock we can manufacture and follow the same procedure as pre-printed stock.