Simplifying EMV

The migration path to EMV has been daunting to every country that has headed on this journey. The United States is the last industrial county to move to EMV and even though there are lessons learned from others before, the task itself seems unsurmountable, for any company, large or small.

C3 is equipped to help you make this process as smooth as possible.

We are EMV experts, with a strong support team including IT, manufacturing and customer support. Our skilled staff has years of experience with EMV cards. From data technicians who have been working with EMV cards for many years, to production personnel who know the ups, downs and all arounds of manufacturing EMV cards.

C3 will provide the following support to your EMV project;

    • Technical Support-Our staff is experienced, we work with all aspects of the industry including; Scripting, profiles, processors, Instant Issue and card personalization.
    • Chip Selection-We are chip agnostic, we support and inventory the chips that are used by all of the major processors and card personalizers. We don’t force you to use our “standard chip’.
    • Card Design- We have EMV card templates that we can provide to your graphic designers or our in-house creative team can help you convert your current card designs to meet the design guidelines as specified by Visa and MasterCard.
    • Key Management- Key management is an important element of every EMV project. Our experience has given us the know-how required to guide you through this process. We will work with your IT team or your processor to load and or provide transport keys. We can “pre-perso” your cards prior to shipment, if so desired.

Test Cards- If you are setting up your first EMV project or implementing an Instant Issue program we can provide you with test cards to get your project up and running quickly.

We’ll help you through the entire process, step by step. Quickly. Smoothly.

Unfortunately EMV is not a pre-packaged product or service with “one size” fits all, but we can make the process easy to understand and help you every step of the way. Our services were developed to make your migration to EMV as smooth as possible!