Catalyst was conceived with the intention of producing the highest quality payment cards, in small quantities, in a very short timeframe. Our goal has been and continues to be to “over serve” small issuing institutions with payment card services that have not always been available to Community banks, Credit Unions and small issuers.
In addition to payment card manufacturing Catalyst provides a host of services all geared to help Community Banks, Credit Unions and small issuers stay competitive in the payment card space. Our staff and support team have over 250 years of industry experience. We can help you plan new print projects, determine the right chip to use for an EMV conversion, create a new card design, or determine the best way to support your instant issue program.

·       Payment card printing
·       Card design
·       Card proofing
·       Design Mine, online card design platform
·       EMV technical support
·       EMV chip certification
·       Card personalization, overflow and project specific programs
·       Shaka our instant issue card stock program