Meet our Team

And you thought our products and solutions were industry-leading and unique?

Wait until you meet the C3 team…



Christopher is an industry veteran with extensive knowledge relating to EMV, card personalization and technology solutions. He was involved in setting up one of the industry’s first EMV personalization and fulfillment facilities in the United States. Christopher is our resident “Chip expert” and frequently works with manufacturers to develop new product features and often is consulted to test new products before they are released. By nature he is an entrepreneur, Co-founding C3 has been both exciting and challenging, sparking his hi-tech talents to launch C3 into the world of EMV.


SVP Sales

Rich is a 32 year veteran of a Fortune 500 company, bringing innovative products and solutions to the world’s leading card manufacturers, retailers and financial institutions. Rich’s product sales experience and leadership roles have well positioned him to help C3 meet its growth objectives.


VP of Business Operations

DeNeen joined C3 in June 2014. DeNeen has worked in and around the Financial Service industry with an emphasis on Customer Service for most of her career at companies like Deloitte & Touche, First Data and Vantiv. Most recently DeNeen worked on a Product team at Vantiv focusing on new product development and client implementations of single value and reloadable Prepaid products. Results oriented, her extensive industry and operational experience has positioned her well to help C3 grow and meet the demands of a changing industry.



Melanie is a payments industry expert with an extensive career span of over 20 years and an outstanding track record of leading and managing all operations and technology activities as well as formulating and delivering new products. She has successfully established and maintained client partnerships across a range of disciplines within the card industry in previous executive level roles with JPMorgan Chase, UMB Bank and TMG (The Members Group, LLC). Melanie excels at delivering a differentiated product experience across enterprise that drives value for partners and increases end-customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Business Development

Brian joined C3 2016. Prior to joining the Catalyst team he has held sales, marketing, general management and executive management positions at companies in the payment card and personalization arena. Throughout his career he has been involved in business development and marketing for the financial service industry. His Marketing, sales and management leadership are a good compliment to the C3 team, where he is responsible for Marketing and Customer Service.