About Us

The C3 Story

Catalyst has brought together a management team with over 250 years of combined industry experience. C3 knew small financial institutions struggled to compete with larger institutions when it came to buying payment card products and services. This includes time to market, product innovation, technical support and customer service.

Combining their respective strengths, C3 became a company in June of 2013 – with the goal of making our customer’s job easier when it came to buying payment cards. We do this by proving superior customer service, technical support to help with EMV migration and faster card production than anyone other card manufacturer in the industry.

Recognizing that smaller institutions have the same product and service requirements as large money-center organizations yet were unable to acquire them easily and cost effectively. C3 set out to manufacture payment card products, deliver technological support, implement new production equipment to support short run orders and provide a color matching process that created peace of mind. Our color matching systems ensures new card order will match the last order, every time!

C3 is a customer focused organization with a well-established technical support team that manufactures payment cards. We embrace technology, to help us be more efficient, but also to keep us on the cutting edge of new products and services that our customers will need to have a competitive payment card program.