Industry Updates

BIN Requirements/Card Design:
Recently Catalyst received communications from Visa and MasterCard regarding card design changes that will impact your card orders. We are providing a summary of the communication for your review. We suggest you review the actual Visa and MasterCard communications.

Visa Communication:
Overview: Issuers will no longer be required to print the first four digits of the Bank Identification Number (BIN) below the primary account number (PAN) on Visa cards.

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Product Highlight

GET Color

Financial Institutions are always looking for a way to differentiate the look of their payment card. One current concept is to use a “Colored Core” PVC so that the card color will stand out in the card holders wallet.

Buying Colored Core PVC can be expensive and requires large purchases of raw PVC material.

Now there is an alternative. Catalyst offers “Colored Edge printing”.